Built-Tough Containers for High-Pressure Food Processing

Looking for packaging solutions that are best under pressure? Our HPP containers are specially engineered to withstand the extreme rigors of high-pressure food processing. Each container is tightly sealed to avoid blowouts. Features include:

  • Wide flanges and strong sidewalls
  • Wide polyethylene sealing surface for a tight seal
  • Heavy-duty rigid design that’s resistant to cracks

Looking for a Custom Solution?

Let’s build it together. We’re happy to incorporate our patented tamper-evident functionality into your custom packaging design.

Our in-house design team works FAST to design and manufacture your custom product – just start by telling us what you’re looking for.

Custom Plastic Packages

Need Assistance?

For every packaging question or request, our savvy team of packaging experts has an answer. They’ll work with you to select the most, most competitively prices packaging for you. Here are all the ways you can learn more: